Begin your awesome culinary journey with an assortment of delectables that come in mini plates; petite & enjoyable. Dont worry, these won't stuff you. So, you'll still be craving for more!


Crescent Ring ‘Punjabi’ Samosa (2 chillies)

Spicy Potatoes in a ring-shaped pastry, baked till crisp. Served with homespun chutneys.

‘Khasta Kaju’ Rösti Chaat, Whipped Curd, Nylon Vermicelli, ‘Anar’ Molasses (2 chillies)

‘Crisp cashew’ cakes with cottony sweetened curd & tangy ‘pomegranate’ treacle.

‘Panipuri’ with ‘Soul Curry’ (2 chillies)

Bombay blockbuster! ‘Crisp hollow dough balls’ filled with steamed, spiced edamame served with ‘kokum’ flavoured potion.

Handippa Paneer Tikka, Cheese Naan (2 chillies)

Tandoor (clay oven) cooked cottage cheese marinated in a blend of chilli & spices, served with a yeasty flatbread.

Trio of Broccoli (2 chillies)

Cream, saffron and mustard – this trio is not just good, but spectacular! You’ll love it!


Rock Shrimp ‘Karwari’, Gunpowder Aioli (2 chillies)

Rock shrimps coated in Karwari spiced batter, fried and served with a dip infused with a fiery spice mix

Beer Batter Seabass ‘Amritsari’ (2 chillies)

Beer&banter, upgraded! Seabass fish drenched in beer batter spiked with flavourful ‘North Indian’ spices.

Keema Baida Roti, Russet Potato Curry (2 chillies)

The origin of these flatbread pockets stuffed with spiced mix & fried.

‘Angaar Bedgi’ Tikka on Himalayan Salt Brick, House Salad (3 chillies)

The bedgi chilli ranks quite high on the Scoville scale. So, we thought it would be the perfect choice to create a fiery chicken tikka.

Drums of Heaven ‘Butter Garlic’ (1 chilli)

Simple yet different! Chicken wings tossed in butter with rustic garlic.

Scotch Eggs ‘Nergisi Kofta (1 & 2 chillies)

Boiled eggs encased in minced chicken crumbed fried and turned into a creation that literally translates into a flower.

Dozen ‘Pav’ Brioche (2 chillies)

The cross between a famous bun from Bombay and France is love! Comes in a dozen & with 2 delectable options. Choose from
Butter Bhaji: £6.45 Keema Matar: £8.45

Tittle Naan with 4 Dips (2 chillies)

Teeny weeny (spoken; little) spring Indian flatbread bites with an assortment of luscious homespun dips. Go ahead & choose from the amazing list.
Saag- Creamy tempered seasonal greens
Raita- The popular Bengal mustard
LMD- Lalla Mussa Dal: black lentils simmered with spices overnight
Makhni- Fenugreek spiked creamy tomato sauce (Paneer/Chicken)
Choose from
Veg £6.45 or Non-Veg £8.45

Dozen 'Pav' Brioche

This cross between a famous bun from Bombay & France is love! Comes in a dozen & with 2 detectable options.
Choose from:
Butter Bhaji £6.45
Keema Matar £8.45

Tittle Naan with 4 Dips

Teeny-weeny (spoken:little) Indian flatbread bites with an assortment of luscious homespun dips. Go ahead & choose from the amazing list.
Saag - Creamy tempered seasonal greens
Raita - Spiced beaten curd flavoured with mustard
LMD - Lalla Mussa Dal; black lentils simmered with spices overnight
Makhni - Fenugreek spiked creamy tomoto sauce
Veg £6.45,      Non-Veg £8.45


We would like to call these as the 'Patiala pegs' of our Small Plate; meaning, large & hearty, that must be shared between a few of you. A word of caution: Could lead to overeating!


Undhiyu’ with Puri

Ube & assorted seasonal vegetables stewed with choicest of spices. Gujarati style. Paired with crisp breads made of a superfood, tiger nut.

Paneer Tikka Masala (1 chilli)

Smoky cottage cheese tikka in onion- tomato sauce. Did we say that our cottage cheese is the creamiest?

Amritsari Chole (2 chillies)

Chickpeas cooked with robust ginger & cumin. This one’s the pride of Punjabi

LMD (1 & 2 chillies)

Lalla Mussa Del: black lentils with spices. Simmered overnight. Just like the one from Lalla Mussa station in the North-West Frontier Province of India.

Dal ‘Mizaz’ (2 chillies)

Homely yellow lentils, ‘tempered’ with cumin, chillies & some spice powders. This is the perfect example of a dish, the simplicity of which is its USP.

Shaam Severa (1 chilli)

Cottage cheese stuffed spinach dumplings dunked in shiny tomato sauce. It’s simply the magic of experienced dusk & dawn on your plate!


Banana Leaf Salmon "Pollichathu", String Hoppers & Curry (2 chillies)

The protein rich ‘fish pecked ion banana leaf parcels with spices, coconut. herbs are fried & served with steamed rice flour noodles.

Mango Butter Chicken (1 chilli)

London is not new to this dish, the best of which is found at the roadside eateries of Delhi. The ‘mango’ is the new dimension to it; a proof of our versatility!

Chicken PST (2 chillies)

Not just another chicken curry! This spicy Tarlwala version is inspired by its counterpart available at the Puran Singh dhabe on Delhi- Ambala Highway.

Berkshire Lamb ‘Tawa Chaap’ Tandoori Aloo Katllyan (2 chillies)

‘Berkshire grown lamb chops’ dunked in plethora of Indian spices, marinated & finished on griddle. Served with smoky spiced potato slices.

‘Goll’ Kabab Curry with ‘Parota’ (2 chillies)

Succulent tenderloin ‘meatballs’ steeped in luscious Mughal Influenced sauce & baked. Served with a crisp ‘layered flatbread.’

Kadai Prawns (2 chillies)

Prawns tossed with bell peppers cooked and tossed with onion tomato masala and aromatic spices.

Josh Rogan ‘Nalli’ (2 chillies)

No! It’s not the comedian! Lamb simmered in a Kashmiri spiced curd sauce is one of the most famed curries on the Indian food chart.

‘Dum’ Biryani (2 chillies)

Biryani, the layered beauty has takers from every corner of the world! It’s an explosion of flavours & textures, sealed & ‘slow cooked’ resulting in a magical mélange!
Seasonal Veggies: £9.95
Chicken: £11.95
Lamb: £12.95

Indian Breads (1 chilli)

We are blessed with this lot of speciality Indian flatbreads. Tell us your favourite.
Garlic Cheese Kulcha
All Grain Roti
Butter Naan
£3.45 - £4.95 - £3.45 – £2.95 (1 chilli)


Dishes that might not fall in the main or large category, but, definitely complete & level-up the expereince of savouring a meal. Can't underestimate these!

Steamed Basmati Rice (1 chilli)

Long white grains of aromatic goodness

Leafy Bowl (1 chilli)

Crisp greens, assorted vegetables, berries & more tossed with secret vinaigrette. Refreshing!

Red Onion Kachumber (2 chillies)

Shredded red onion, crunchy greens, fresh coriander, pepper & other goodness tossed with authentic Indian style sweet & sour vinaigrette

Papaya Peanut Slaw (1 chilli)

Raw papaya & roasted peanuts in tangy dressing. Great for the digestive tract. Will improve the skin & cleanse the body too, from within!

‘Burhani’ Ralta (2 chillies)

A Hyderabadi delicacy: beaten curd mixed with the awesomeness of roasted cumin powder. Chilli powder and black salt.


An Indian meal does not end, till the time a sweet something becomes a part of it! Hope you enjoyed this scrumptious journey as much as we enjoyed in creating it for you. Last, but not the least, presenting the 'star' desserts for that perfect finale.

Gulab Ki Kheer

A Speciality of Yellow Chilli, thickened desert infused with red rose leaves, topped with nuts.

Mango ‘Shrikand’

Happiness comes in the form of layers of a popular sweet dish made of strained thickened curd infused with mango puree, fresh mint, some nuts and spices.

Please speak to the team regarding any allergy concerns you may have. Whilst every effort is made, we cannot guarantee that each dish is free from traces of allergens.